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John Francis Maxwell, Slavery and the Catholic Church: The History of Catholic Teaching concerning the Moral Legitimacy of the Institution of Slavery


Above is a link to a book published in 1975 by Barry Rose Publishers, Chichester (UK) in association with the Anti-Slavery Society for the Protection of Human Rights with a foreword by Lord Wilberforce. It is in portable document format (.pdf) made from scans of photocopied pages.*

Interested readers are, of course, happy to have this long-out-of-print study in any decent form, for until the project of a documentary history has been financed, undertaken, completed, and published, this is the best window we have into a significant area of what is called "Catholic Social Teaching." I do plan, however, to extract plain text from this document in the near future and format it attractively. The result will be, unlike the current version, searchable.

It also provides ample material for testing the proposition that official Catholic teaching never changes or, if it does, the change amounts to merely a "development" or explication, but never a reversal, of earlier teaching. Such testing happens to be one of several unintended but happy consequences of my blog, anarcho-catholic.

Anthony Flood

September 24, 2011


* Due to my technological limitations, I had recently posted a dozen links to the book in consecutive .pdf segments, but Daniel Coleman rendered the whole thing for me in a single document. Thanks, Daniel.